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I got the bus home tonight. It was the last bus, and on a Saturday too, so it was full of the usual loud, drunk people and tired, cranky people.  Some young lads sat down across the aisle from me and started playing their music at full volume. I find this highly problematic and it soon sets off a twitching fit, low-level at first, but getting more intense since I was also tired and cold, which added to the stress (and it’s stress that triggers my twitching fits.)

I know how this story goes. I’ve been there before. I try to keep my twitching to a minimum, while trying to work up the courage to confront the problem. The people with the music look at me as if I’m killing their day, the other passengers look at me as if I’m mad. Then, just as I’m working up the courage to act anyway:

“Are you okay?”
“The music’s actually causing me a bit of a problem.”
Cue some frantic scrabbling as the young lad with the music tries to turn it off quickly.
“Turn off the song!” as another lad looks concerned.
“It’s okay, he is.” I reassure him, and to the first lad: “I appreciate it.”
Once the music is off they retreat down to the back of the bus, from whence I hear occasional arguments over who gets to listen to the next song, followed by hushed exhortations of “Shh… We’re talking too loud!”

Not only this, but as I go to get off another passenger catches my attention and checks if I’m feeling okay, and if I’ll be alright getting the rest of the way home. Leaving me with a smile and a heartfelt “Stay safe!” as I disembark.

You know, sometimes people can be pretty damn awesome 😀