Over Christmas I spent a lot of time talking to my sister. One of the things we spoke about was various pieces of advice that we’d gotten from various sources, and one particular piece of advice stuck in my head: Apparently one of her friends once told her to “spend time pretending you have a big ego, and eventually you will have one”.
This comment left me contemplating the uses of a big ego.

1) The huge ego is the natural enemy of feelings of worthlessness. Of course I have worth! I’m me! I’m amazing!

2) A huge ego can help with problems socialising. It helps get rid of worries about whether you’re really wanted at that party, or whether you’ll have anything interesting to talk about once you’re there. (As long as you don’t go too far to the extreme and stop going out because “It’s not worth my while socialising with people so far below me.”)

3) A big ego can allow you to take those steps that might otherwise be too scary, like applying for new jobs/positions or standing up to people who’ve been putting you down.

4) A gigantic ego can make every day brighter, ‘cos let’s face it, who can look at someone that amazing in the mirror every morning and not feel on top of the world 😛

5) A big ego can help you to treat yourself better and not neglect yourself when you’re feeling down. You’re worth it, and you know it.

6) A gigantic ego can help you to ignore put-downs and insults that might otherwise plunge you into a cycle of self-doubt.

7,8,etc) I’m sure there are many more… feel free to add your own!

Of course, all the above could be phrased just as well with “sense of self-confidence” replacing “huge/big/giant ego”, but let’s face it, that wouldn’t sound half as good as a title.