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New year’s eve kinda took me by surprise this year. I woke up today, and there it was. When I was younger I used to prepare for new year’s eve pretty much from the moment christmas was over. I’d take great care to be the best person I could be in the days between the two so that when the clock ticked over to the new year all I’d have to do for a resolution was stay that way, not become that way. I’d start the new year with a tidy room, and organised shelves, and neat dress and polite frame of mind. It never lasted long!

I’ve been thinking about resolutions today. (Yeah, I know, me and the rest of the world!) I’ve been looking back on all the big things I’ve ever resolved to do on new year’s eve. It’s funny to think of the wonderful person I was going to become, and the amazing things I was going to do.
Well, I didn’t become that person. I became someone else. I became me. And I haven’t written the book I was going to write, and I haven’t become the hero I was going to be, and I haven’t kept my room tidy.

But I’ll tell you what I have done:
I’ve lived my life.
I’ve made new friends, and kept old ones.
I’ve touched people’s lives.
And most of all I’ve kept going.
And as long as I keep going then there’s still a chance that I’ll finish that book, or I’ll be that hero, and maybe… maybe… if the stars align and I keep my faith… I might have that tidy room!