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I missed my medication recently. Just one night, but it was enough to throw me a bit of a wobble. I ended up curled up in bed late at night crying over nothing.Or, at least, that was how I described it to myself.

Luckily I have some awesome housemates, one of whom made me tea and sat up with me until silly o’clock letting me talk through it all, and after I’d talked through it all I said “I’m sorry for keeping you up crying over nothing” and she reminded me gently that I wasn’t actually crying over nothing.

See, everything I was crying about was valid. They all made me feel bad, they all impacted my life, and all-in-all it was pretty valid to cry about them. Missing my meds didn’t make all these things suddenly happen that would upset me, it just made my reaction to them more extreme. While my sudden swing into miserable depression was unreasonable (insofar as emotions can ever be reasonable!) the things that I was crying about weren’t.

Don’t forget that. Don’t forget that you have valid reasons to cry, and be upset, and feel down. Don’t get into the habit of believing that you’re “crying over nothing” just because you suffer from depression. It’s not nothing. If it’s bothering you it needs dealt with, whether your reaction to it is proportional and rational or not